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Purity * Goodness * Simplicity
Purpose driven Products

At Alchemist Haven, we take pride in our expertise in creating beauty products,
skin care and personalized fragrances that can be tailored to your specific preferences.
Our commitment to using non-toxic ingredients ensures that our products are also safe for both animals and children.
We use only 100% natural recipes inspired by traditional beauty products.All our products are small batch made and free of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals.
At Alchemist Haven, we put love, time, and the highest quality ingredients into each creation,
striving to avoid using preservatives outside of the natural elements themselves.
Many of our products are multi functional, made to be used for many different applications and purposes.

We recognize that not all chemicals are harmful, but some commonly used chemicals and preservatives in the U.S. have been shown to be carcinogenic,
disrupt hormones and endocrine systems, and worsen allergies and skin conditions.

Experience the purity and beauty of our products and fragrances without the harmful chemicals.

Please allow at least *72* hours  for your order to ship.
Custom Fragrances orders & Custom product orders require a deposit and a week for production.
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Watercolor Florals for Bottom

Seemingly Magical Process of Transformation

2019 - Current

Alchemy was a practice of finding a universal cure, making everything better and healing all who had disease.  It also concerned working with  the elements, especially that of gold, copper and silver.  Alchemy was a precursor to modern day Chemistry.  (You’re welcome,  science.) Alchemy isn’t exact- just as all humans are unique, so should each recipe be.

Fifteen years ago Angela Harris, Proprietor of Alchemist Haven, embarked on the journey of making a difference in the lives of everyone she touches. A massage therapist by trade, she has continued her education journey into alchemy and all things health, and well-being.

With a vision for a brand of 100% all-natural essential oil based products that can be multi-purpose and have individually customized fragrances, her world was quickly consumed with learning everything about natural fragrances and Alchemist Haven was born.

Named after her treasured daughter, Alchemist Haven promises to be true, good, and honest- always.

In 2019, Angela released her first products out to the world.

Today, Alchemist Haven is continually adding new products and developing new scents, striving to create products with the fewest ingredients.  Simpler recipes mean easier on our bodies!   Alchemist Haven also uses colloidal elements in all creations.  Colloidals offer, anti-aging, as well as anti-viral and anti-microbial benefits.
Our products are purpose driven.

Perfume Bottles with Floral

Shake Well

At Alchemist Haven, we believe in the power of vintage appeal, and our fragrances are no exception. We take pride in using ancient techniques to create our products,
resulting in a unique fragrance experience.
As a result of these bygone recipes, you may notice a lovely looking separation between the base oils and fine fragrances oils in our products. This is completely normal and adds to the vintage appeal of our fragrances.
To ensure that the oils and base are evenly mixed, we recommend shaking the product before use.Once shaken, simply spray and enjoy the fragrance all day. Our fragrances are designed to provide a long-lasting scent that will leave you feeling confident and alluring throughout the day.

So, if you're looking for a fragrance experience that is truly unique, look no further than Alchemist Haven. Our ancient techniques and vintage appeal will transport you to another time and leave you
feeling confident and empowered.


Each and every human is a beautiful flower in this garden of life - all so different, and in need of many different levels of care.

While Alchemist Haven products may aid in the correction and prevention of certain ailments, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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