Shower Steamers

Do you love bath bombs, but don't love the mess? Our lovely shower steamers are just up your alley! Simple ingredients for a bath OR shower! Just throw in the bottom of the shower for a refreshing, rejuvenating, breathing treatment, or use in the bathtub for a relaxing effervescent treat, without the mess! Available in several delightful fragrances to suit.
Citric Acid, Baking Soda, Witch Hazel, Fragrance
Weight in ounces:
Wintergreen for gentle Pain Relief
Good Morning Sunshine
Bergamot, Black Tea & Orange
With Love, No Filter
Lavender & Eucalyptus. Crisp snow and reflections of brightness off newly fallen snow. This blend of lavender and eucalyptus is as refreshing as the stillness of this time of year. BREATHE.
Stella and Buck
Rich Tobacco intertwined with deep, dark cherry sweetness. This fragrance is loved by both men and women, and is in its element with these winter months. For the masculine and feminine.
Life is Better with Lemons
Sparkling Lemon and Tahitian vanilla
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