Honey Soap

Moisturizing Glycerine and Honey with Fragrance. Various colors and shapes
honey, essential oils, glycerin, goats milk, oats
Weight in ounces:
Fragrant Amber, patchouli, cedar and a complex floral will wisk you away to all the "Fancy" days. Picture ladies in elegant dresses, champangne glasses chiming, and beauty all around. That is the heart of this fragrance. Pure luxury. Enjoy all it's decadant layers.
vanilla tobacco, teakwood
Dark Krystals
Dark yet feminine exotic tobacco yields to rich vanilla with a striking afterglow of berry. This combination will seduce your senses.
She's a Vixen
MEEEOWWW… watch the girl with those Betty Davis eyes. Enticing, seducing, intoxicating. Yes, all those words. Three different tobaccos, patchouli and hints of Tahitian vanilla. Sounds like a pleasure worth investigating.
I'm Not Always a Lady
rosemary, spearmint
Mother of Dragons
black cherry, amaretto, almond
The Rogue
Ruthlessly irresistible… This combination of fresh spruce, bay leaves, tobacco and teakwood will capture your senses. Be whisked away with this rugged scent!
The Entertainer
teakwood, bergamot
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