Pup-Pourri 2 oz Sprays - Pet Collection

All natural product line for your pets! Perfect for your very good doggos. Spritz directly on pups. We have 3 products offerings! Just use the drop down to choose your products. *Pup-Pourri Sprays are perfect for that stinky pup in a choice of 2 fragrances; * BUG-OFF: Natural bug deterrent; *Eau de P'iss Off: Made to spray the areas you want to deter your pets from going. We do have these in stock but they go fast! Please allow 48 hours for local pick up and shipping! We need a little extra time to create your product!
Check under each 'fragrance' for ingredient list
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Eau de P'iss Off
Oh Contraire, Monfraire…No wee-wee, s'il te plaît! - EAU de P’ISS OFF! Spray those certain spots (inside or out) that your puppies love to mark with their own special ‘fragrance’. A blend of oils the fur babies aren’t fans of:) PISS OFF! Will detour the sinister act! (Not to spray directly on doggos) Made with 90 proof alcohol, citrus oils, vinegar, colloidal silver
Witch Hazel, colloidal silver, cedar, spearmint, lemongrass, citric acid, fractionated coconut oil
Teakwood, Bergamot blend
Plum Pretty
Plumeria Clean, lightly flora with a bit of peachy sweet.
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