Warrior Circulation Serum

Helping heal sluggish circulation. Simply massage then dry brush legs in an upward manner. ~In my circulation formula, I’ve blended Vitamin C, and E rich Rosehip oil, with key anti inflammatory essential oils, ESPECIALLY for varicose veins. As a child I watched both my grandmothers suffer with this circulation issue. My grandmother Grantham was a smoker…well, not great for said condition. My grandma Harris’s veins were so bad, they’d hurt when touched. It was awful. Gaining my first varicose vein at 16, I’ve always been self-conscious of wearing shorts, or cute skirts. I’ve worked at the prevention of these unsightly happenings as well as painful at times, well before my 20’s. Genetics can be a battle all their own-so I’ve always taken measures of caution. We may be predisposed, but we do not have to suffer the fates if we work in a preventative manner.
Rosehip oil, cumin, wintergreen, lavender, black pepper, coriander, eucalyptus, ginger, neroli, juniper, cyprus, colloidal silver, magnesium
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