Parfum Oil

The Original Parfum
jojoba oil, fragrance
Weight in ounces:
Stella and Buck
black cherry, tobacco
rose, tobacco
Dark Krystals
tahitian vanilla, velvet tobacco, strawberry, cabernet
She's a Vixen
tobacco, vanilla
Debs Apples
sweet spicy apple- red apple, vanilla, cinnamon
madagascar vanilla
Neoma's Blossoms
lilac, mimosa
I'm Not Always a Lady
rosemary, spearmint
Midnight Moon
lingonberry spice, patchouli
The Poet
lemon, lavender
Butterfly in the Wood
vanilla, amber, orchid
cranberry, pomegranate, peach, white tea
The Artist
strawberry, lemon, cabernet, nero
plumerias, cactus flower, green apple
Coconut Kaleidoscope
coconut, tahitian vanilla
Most Beautiful Girl in the World
pear, white tea, bergamot
Mother of Dragons
black cherry, amaretto, almond
Life is Better with Lemons
lemon, tahitian vanilla
Hometown Girl
sweet anjou pear, plumerias, cactus flowers, mimosas
bergamot, lime, orange
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