Men's Cologne Oil

The Original Cologne - Parfum Oil for him
jojoba oil, fragrance
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Smoke & Thorn
Smoke and Thorn: Embrace the Allure of Blackberry & Tobacco. Unleash a captivating paradox with this intoxicating blend of juicy blackberry and smoky tobacco. Blackberry & Tobacco is more than just a fragrance; it's a whisper of secrets in a moonlit garden, a dance between forbidden desires and untamed allure. Blackberry's ripe sweetness bursts forth, a playful temptation like stained lips after a midnight feast. Tobacco's warm, woody embrace follows, a slow burn that lingers like the echo of laughter in a velvet-draped room. Smoke and Thorn is a fragrance of contrasts, where sweet surrender meets smoldering independence. It's for - ANYONE - who lives in the shadows, who knows the power of a whispered word and the allure of a hidden flame. Embrace the mystery. Let Blackberry & Tobacco be your whispered secret.
Embrace the intrigue. GAMBLER is a captivating dance of light and shadow, where the earthy richness of cedarwood and patchouli meets the vibrancy of citrus and the smoldering depth of oud. Confident & alluring, GAMBLER is for the risk-taker who thrives on mystery. Daytime brings a burst of citrus, a refreshing twist on the grounded woody base. Night ignites the oud, its intoxicating aroma swirling with every move. GAMBLER. The scent of a man who plays his cards close, and always wins.
Sinners & Saints
A little bit good, a little bit bad? Sounds like every girls dream to me! Be careful wearing this masculine daring, dark, patchouli and tobacco-bay fragrance, mingled with bright, alluring tones of sweet orange. You may create quite the following of ladies asking, “dear sir, may I ask what scent it is you’re wearing?” Such a good, bad boy.
Love Potion
This sumptuous fragrance is for HIM or HER! Rich, deep, warm vanilla with a hint of strawberry. Be careful, who you wear it around, they may fall under its spell! Love potion will send your senses on a flights of fancy! Limited edition fragrance for early 2023.
Spruce, apricot, fresh cut wood, plums, notes of cucumber and citrus. It's a fragrance for everyone, for every HERO.
patchouli, leather
Renaissance Man
evergreen forest, teakwood, mahogany, salty sea air
vanilla tobacco, teakwood
The Rogue
Ruthlessly irresistible… This combination of fresh spruce, bay leaves, tobacco and teakwood will capture your senses. Be whisked away with this rugged scent!
The Entertainer
teakwood, bergamot
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