Lotion Bar 7oz

A portable, non messy solution to lotions! Beeswax and Mango butter will Hydrate your skin. Comes in gorgeous designs, 7 oz bars. Just rub on skin, no liquid messes!
beeswax, mango butter, aloe butter, fragrance, colloidal silver and honey
Weight in ounces:
Wylder - wilder
Musk, amber, spiced tea and manly teakwood. Dare me all around - this tribute to the oldest restaurant in Joplin-tales were told of the old school mafia gambling upstairs. Oh, if those walls could talk. (One of the 4 fragrances from the JoMo tribute set)
Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Experience the enchanting scent of "The Most Beautiful Girl" fragrance, a harmonious blend of crisp and juicy Anjou Pear, infused with the calming essence of white tea and soothing notes of bergamot. This delicate medley evokes a sense of effortless beauty, radiating a sweet, subtle, and light aroma that lingers delicately on your skin. Unleash your inner beauty and boost your confidence with "The Most Beautiful Girl" fragrance, a scent that will have everyone asking, "where did you find that fragrance?" Let the beauty within you shine through with every spritz.
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