Discovery Sets - Parfum Oil

Can't decide on which fragrance you want? Choose a Discovery Set! Each set contains 5, 3ml Parfum Oil sprays. Pick 5 fragrances from the list. This offering is for Parfum Oil fragrance oils only. You will chose 1 fragrance from the drop down - then send an email to us with your choices after your purchase (even a custom blend)! This is what started is all: The Original Parfum, Free from chemicals and harsh preservatives. Natural oils, long lasting fragrance without being overpowering. Chose your designer fragrance from our extensive selection or request your own blend! Shake Well before use. Separation will occur, coloration of product with vary depending on which fragrance oils are used.
Jojoba oil, fragrance oil
Weight in ounces:
Aphrodite's Glow Fragrance
Ylang-Ylang, smells like our products in the Aphrodite's Glow line
With Love, No Filter
Lavender & Eucalyptus
Serenity's Kiss
Lavender. Our version of what lavender fields after a soft rain smells like.
Patchouli Proper
Bella Luce
lavender, green tea, bergamot
patchouli, leather
Cassie's Roses
Rose is a true timeless, classic. Roses have a vibrational frequency of a whopping 320 MHz! So why not smell the roses all day!
Renaissance Man
evergreen forest, teakwood, mahogany, salty sea air
vanilla tobacco, teakwood
Stella and Buck
black cherry, tobacco
Winter 19
oakmoss, teakwood
Dark Krystals
tahitian vanilla, velvet tobacco, strawberry, cabernet
She's a Vixen
Tobacco and warm vanilla
Debs Apples
sweet spicy apple- red apple, vanilla, cinnamon
Neoma's Blossoms
Lilacs. These purple flowers smell sweet without being cloying, fruity but not citrus. Their sent is powdery and floral. They smell fresh and clean and sweet and innocent
I'm Not Always a Lady
rosemary, spearmint
cranberry, pomegranate, peach, white tea
The Artist
strawberry, lemon, cabernet, nero
plumerias, cactus flower, green apple
Coconut Kaleidoscope
Coconut, Tahitian vanilla
Most Beautiful Girl in the World
pear, white tea, bergamot
Life is Better with Lemons
Sparkling Lemon and Tahitian vanilla
Hometown Girl
sweet anjou pear, plumerias, cactus flowers, mimosas
bergamot, lime, orange Perfect for summer!
The Rogue
tobacco, teakwood, spruce
The Entertainer
teakwood, bergamot
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