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Can't decide on which fragrance you want? Grab a handful of these mini 3ml sprays. The Discovery Sets have 5 - 3ml spray bottles. You simply pick 5 fragrances from the 3n1 list. You will need to chose 1 from the drop down - then send an email to us with your choices after your purchase! These versatile fragrance sprays are perfect as a Body & Clothing Spray, Hand Sanitizer, or Room Refresher. These fragrances are made to compliment you, stay with you and not overpower the senses. There are no harsh chemicals that can linger or irritate eyes, noses or skin. All natural ingredients. There are multiple fragrances available. Men's, Women's and gender neutral fragrances. When you wear these fragrances, people won't smell you from down the hall. They will notice if you are standing next to them.
colloidal silver, aloe, witch hazel, 80 proof alcohol, fragrances
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Sinners & Saints
A little bit good, a little bit bad? Sounds like every girls dream to me! Be careful wearing this masculine daring, dark, patchouli and tobacco-bay fragrance, mingled with bright, alluring tones of sweet orange. You may create quite the following of ladies asking, “dear sir, may I ask what scent it is you’re wearing?” Such a good, bad boy.
M'Lady Verbena
Verbena is a fragrance of the ancients. From ancient Egypt to royalties in all of Europe, it was a fragrance of notoriety. Healing and enticing, this combination of verbena, light sweet pea, citrus and vanilla will set you at ease. It will take you away to a flower strewn mountainside on a sweet sunny day. Brand new for 2023, limited.
Amber Energy
Golden rays bounce off a freshly fallen snow. Amber sunbeams sparkle like glitter in the air. Musky, sweet and wild fragrance of blended amber, opium and vanilla bourbon. It will set your senses a-glow. Brand new for 2023, limited.
Forbidden Fruit
Seductive. That is what this high-born blend brings to mind. Rich cashmere and musk with a dash of apricot sweetness lifts this fragrance to a to another level. Forbidden really just means, DO IT, right? Your desire awaits.
Love Potion
This sumptuous fragrance is for HIM or HER! Rich, deep, warm vanilla with a hint of strawberry. Be careful, who you wear it around, they may fall under its spell! Love potion will send your senses on a flights of fancy! Limited edition fragrance for early 2023.
Midnight Moon
The cool night air caresses your face, you breathe deep, the earthy tones of night. Spicy, herbal tones mix with dark, fragrant patchouli for a marriage of perfection. Perfect evenings, and those cooler days in Autumn & Winter. THE fragrance for those who love patchouli.
All American Darling
Fresh Red Apples, Vanilla and Amaretto. Only Available in July and August!
Tranquil Vibes
Nag Champa & Sandlewood fragrance. I LOVE smelling the incense and oil of far away places-it’s magical! This aromatic delight smells of the essence of tranquility. This is a new creation was developed by special request, you will fall in love with it as much as I have. Tranquil Vibes, has Nag Champa with a base component of the alluring and sacred sandalwood. The champa flower is fresh, sweet and delicate with a light plumeria scent. Sweet and warming, Tranquil Vibes is all gold, sunlight, and flowers in your hair. Because of its connection and creation from the halmaddi tree it has a woodsy scent that carries notes of moisture and the natural world. Peace, love, happiness, all in one fragrance! ✨AVAILABLE IN : ✨3n1 - 4oz ✨BODY BUTTER ✨Parfum oil & 3n1 discovery sets
Musk, amber, spiced tea and manly teakwood. Dare me all around - this tribute to the oldest restaurant in Joplin-tales were told of the old school mafia gambling upstairs. Oh, if those walls could talk.
Sweet violet and musk-this fragrance is in tribute to the masterpiece built on 4th street in in Joplin in 1906. Named after the architect's mother.
House of Lords
Mahogany, rustic wood, and scotch whiskey. Named for Joplin’s original gentleman’s house.
Aphrodite's Glow Fragrance
Ylang-Ylang, smells like our products in the Aphrodite's Glow line
Sweet tea and rose will take you to a different day. Connor is a tribute to a man who helped build Joplin. A penniless youth, to zinc King. How I wish I could sit and chat with him. The Connor hotel was known for miles around of its decadence and class. This fragrance would have been perfect gracing the embellished common areas and decorative halls.
Honeysuckle. These small white fragrant flower's scent is thick and intense, but at the same time it's fruity and warm with hints of honey and ripe citrus. This fragrance brings to mind a walk through a garden in the evening, at dusk. You can smell honeysuckle before you see it: heady and intoxicating and a little like jasmine tinged with vanilla.
Love at First Sight
Peony. Almost all peonies have a lush scent combination of roses, water lily and even citrus. Their perfume changes throughout the day and can depend on humidity, temperature or even the age of the flower. In the garden, as the volatile essential oil evaporates from the bloom, so does the peony fragrance. We've captured it here.
Spruce, apricot, fresh cut wood, plums, notes of cucumber and citrus. It's a fragrance for everyone, for every HERO.
Teakwood, Bergamot blend
With Love, No Filter
Lavender & Eucalyptus. Crisp snow and reflections of brightness off newly fallen snow. This blend of lavender and eucalyptus is as refreshing as the stillness of this time of year. BREATHE.
Fancy Fella
A warm, fragrant combination of Tobacco and Teakwood. Developed for our Men's Beard Care line, but available in other products
Serenity's Kiss
Our version of what lavender fields smell after a soft rain. For me, Lavender and Vanilla are a classic in the language of love. There is a story behind this fragrance I’m simply not ready to tell. It’s a story of the heart and living farewells. There are simply situations you must pray for grace and let it go. This blend is mingled with magnesium to support it’s relaxing affects further. Let your peace be as Serenity’s Kiss.
Saggitarius is Lingonberry Spice. Lingonberries have the fragrance of a mix of fruit and spice. There are notes of apple, lemon, clove, mountain air, cinnamon, and musk.
Scorpio is our Dark Krystals fragrance. Its a perfect fit. It is a rich, decadent blend of Tahitian vanilla, velvety tobacco, strawberry, and a hint of Cabernet
Rose Quartz (sweet) This is a bright and citrusy twist on a traditional rose fragrance. You'll love the notes of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, dried rose petals, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk
Lemongrass, Green Tea, Bergamot
An intoxicating blend of sweet spiced red tea, opium, teak-wood and amber. It's the perfect luxurious blend for the fire element!
Coconut and Lime profile. Light, tropical, beachy and poolside vibes is perfect for Cancer's element: Water!
Rose and Patchouli
Rich Lemon and Earthy Patchouli
Pomegranate and Neroli
Mistletoe and Lily Mistletoe fragrance: rich woodsy pine scent with a top note of sweet berries and green apples
Amaretto and vanilla. This water sign Fragrance is inviting and sweet. Amaretto and rich buttercream vanilla, swirled to perfection. The other signs are sure to fall in love with this intoxicating brew.
Rosemary & Spearmint. A blend fit for this very direct zodiac. Rosemary and mint to start the new year. All the prosperity of these herbs, blended in a healing aroma!
Patchouli Proper
Patchouli is another wonderful original fragrance.
Bella Luce
Lavender, Green Tea and Bergamot blend
Flower Child
patchouli, cabernet, strawberry
patchouli, leather
Cassie's Roses
Rose is a true timeless, classic. Roses have a vibrational frequency of a whopping 320 MHz! So why not smell the roses all day!
Renaissance Man
evergreen forest, teakwood, mahogany, salty sea air
vanilla tobacco, teakwood
Stella and Buck
Rich Tobacco intertwined with deep, dark cherry sweetness. This fragrance is loved by both men and women, and is in its element with these winter months. For the masculine and feminine.
Simply Vanilla
Classic and welcoming. Simply Vanilla is just that, not too sweet or overpowering, our vanilla bean fragrance is a warm blanket in these frigid days of winter. Perfect for just enough soft aroma
Dark Krystals
Dark yet feminine exotic tobacco yields to rich vanilla with a striking afterglow of berry. This combination will seduce your senses.
She's a Vixen
MEEEOWWW… watch the girl with those Betty Davis eyes. Enticing, seducing, intoxicating. Yes, all those words. Three different tobaccos, patchouli and hints of Tahitian vanilla. Sounds like a pleasure worth investigating.
Neoma's Blossoms
Lilacs. These purple flowers smell sweet without being cloying, fruity but not citrus. Their sent is powdery and floral. They smell fresh and clean and sweet and innocent
I'm Not Always a Lady
rosemary, spearmint
The Poet
lemon, lavender
Butterfly in the Wood
vanilla, amber, orchid
cranberry, pomegranate, peach, white tea
plumerias, cactus flower, green apple
Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Crisp pear, calming white tea and soothing bergamot for a soft, sweet fragrance to fit any occasion.
Mother of Dragons
black cherry, amaretto, almond
Life is Better with Lemons
Sparkling Lemon and Tahitian vanilla
Bergamot, lime, and orange, Perfect wafting fragrance for summer!
The Rogue
Ruthlessly irresistible… This combination of fresh spruce, bay leaves, tobacco and teakwood will capture your senses. Be whisked away with this rugged scent!
The Entertainer
teakwood, bergamot
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