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What's in a name?

February 3, 2021
Angela Harris

Memories form who we are, what be believe, and how we live. Your chosen fragrance should tell a bit about you!  

Alchemists were the fore-thinkers of Science.  They studied nature and her mysteries.  Everything in our scientific and medical world, all began  with nature itself. Nature and all her wonder offers solutions to many modern day woes, if we notice and listen. The plight of the Alchemist, was to help each person with their own unique circumstance; To find a universal cure and make everything better. How could you not want to know one?!!

All of Alchemist Haven’s fragrances are tailored to fit the personalities of her patrons. Select fragrances are highlighted during each season, and here we will entertain and enlighten you.

Each scent I create is not only carefully constructed with the perfect combination and balance of fragrances, but it is also carefully named with thought and meaning behind each one. Here are the stories behind the names of some of my most popular scents.

Most Beautiful Girl: pear, white tea, bergamot - sweet and lovely

Most Beautiful Girl is named after one of my dear friends who loves all things beautiful, and is absolutely one of the most stunning girls you’ll ever meet. It was her suggestion for one of my very first fragrances, so it’s named after the one who led me to that fragrance inspiration!

Luna: cranberry, peach, white tea

Luna is named after Luna a golden doodle! Yes, she really is that wonderful!

Neoma’s Blossoms: lilac

Lilacs are my beautiful grandmothers favorite flower. Neoma's Blossoms is named in her memory.  Lilacs wafting through the air, makes me feel her presence. She is always with me.

Deb’s Apples: red apple, green apple cactus flower, vanilla, cinnamon  

Deborah is her name - My gorgeous mother, in all her strength.  We had a storm on our farm that nearly destroyed every tree we had except for one little apple tree. My dad pulled it’s little branches together and secured it, in hopes it would live. Everyday mom would water and check it. Now, that one little tree has produced over 700 quarts of apples! Look what love can do! It’s a beautiful fragrance, like the lady that’s so full of love, it’s named after. Love you momma...

The Artist: strawberry, lemon, cabernet and nero

Young and talented, this beauty inspired me with her tender  heart and vivid imagination.  She is an Artist of this day- her favorite mixture? That of strawberries and lemons! So, in tribute to her, we have a lovely blend of summer! Sweet and  bright, this medley will make you smile!
~This is for Heather~

Vintage 1929: orange and black tea

In remembrance of a loved one... My grandma would boil orange peels and black tea.  She was  a smoker of pall malls and her house was a constant fog. This formula is my childhood memory of grandmas attempt at freshening her air... I smile every time I catch a whiff. Ours isn’t mixed with swirls of menthol Marlboro or Pall Mall, but it is delightfully sweet and refreshing- Classically wonderful.

Stella & Buck: black cherry and tobacco

‘Missy, go grab my 'baccie! (tobacco) My "pa II", appropriately named because he was my ‘Grandpa also,’ would send me over to the cupboard, to grab a plug of union station tobacco. It came in these funny soft, squares. My child’s mind just thought, BROWNIES! I’d grab the loaf and smell it just to make sure it wasn’t chocolate. Beside it sat a candy bowl, usually full of cherry or orange slices.... the cherry were my favorite. I’d throw a sugary slice in my mouth while breathing in Pa’s tobacco-it was perfection. In memory of my Dad’s mom and dad, a rich, deep yet sweet blend for every season. Stella & Buck is a classic.


I Am blessed to have strong friendships. This lovely fragrance represents the most beautiful, resilient, and steadfast woman I know.. A Queen of fitness, this girl lives for her family, being a wonderful friend and offering her talents to teach every age. She’s a warrior-Honeysuckle with a touch of peony;  Highlighting her favorite season, this fragrance is for my sister and friend, Tina.


Peony is called, 'the european rose.'  Sweet, fresh, and all the things of love! Peony symbolizes attraction, happiness, wealth, romance, and beauty. Notes of morning dew, tuberose, and sweet citrus will take you away to a beautiful day.

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