JOMO Tribute Set

A nod to a few who had a hand in building Joplin MO. Wylder, Connor, O'lyvia, and The House of Lords. Comes as a set of all 4 fragrances, each in their own 2 oz spray. HOUSE OF LORDS-mahogany, rustic wood, and scotch whiskey Joplin’s original gentleman’s house. O’lyvia-sweet violet and musk-this fragrance is in tribute to the masterpiece built on 4th street in 1906. Named after the architects mother. WYLDER is musk, amber, spiced tea and manly teakwood. Dare me all around -this tribute to the oldest restaurant in Joplin-tales were told of the old school mafia gambling upstairs-if these walls could talk. CONNOR - a tribute to a man who helped build Joplin. A penniless youth, to zinc King. How I wish I could sit and chat with him. The Connor hotel was known for miles around of its decadence and class. This fragrance would have been perfect gracing the embellished common areas and decorative halls. Sweet tea and rose will take you to a different day. --- 3n1 are a versatile fragrance sprays and are perfect as a Body & Clothing Spray, Hand Sanitizer, or Room Refresher. These sprays are made to compliment you, stay with you and not overpower the senses. There are no harsh chemicals that can linger or irritate eyes, noses or skin. All natural ingredients. When you wear these fragrances, people won't smell you from down the hall. They will notice if you are standing next to them. Compliments abound. Need a bigger size? These fab smells comeindividually in 4 and 8oz too!
colloidal silver, aloe, witch hazel, 80 proof alcohol, fragrances
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