JOMO Tribute Set - Wylder, The Connor, Olyvia, House of Lords

Certainly! Here's a revised take on the JoMo Tribute product line description: JoMo Tribute by Alchemist Haven: Celebrating Joplin's Rich Tapestry Dive into Joplin, MO's vibrant history with the exclusive JoMo Tribute 3n1 fragrance collection. Each scent paints a vivid picture of the iconic figures and landmarks that shaped this remarkable city: HOUSE OF LORDS - Revel in a sophisticated blend of mahogany, rustic wood, and the heady notes of scotch whiskey. A fragrant tribute to Joplin's original gentleman's quarters. O’LYVIA - Drift through time with sweet violet and musk, inspired by the architectural gem on 4th street from 1906. A dedication to the architect's cherished mother. WYLDER - Embrace tales wrapped in musk, amber, aromatic spiced tea, and masculine teakwood. A scent whispering secrets of the city's oldest restaurant and its thrilling tales. CONNOR - Step into the opulent era of a city transforming from humble beginnings to zinc magnificence. The luxurious Connor Hotel is brought to life with notes of sweet tea intertwined with gentle rose. JoMo Tribute 3n1 Versatile Fragrance Sprays: Crafted for versatility and intimacy, these sprays cater to your every whim. Whether it's a spritz on your skin, a rejuvenating room essence, or a nurturing hand sanitizer, JoMo Tribute is your perfect companion. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, the fragrances embrace without overpowering. Evoke the spirit of Joplin's past subtly, letting the fragrances inspire whispered compliments when one draws near. Unveil the heart and soul of Joplin with every mist. Your tribute to history awaits.
colloidal silver, aloe, witch hazel, 80 proof alcohol, fragrances
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