Discovery Set

These adorable Discovery Sets contain a 1oz spray and a 1 oz butter sampler from any fragrance in the drop-down menu. Butter and spray will be same fragrance. These are perfect for gifting! Also great If you just can't decide which fragrance. Request your sample set today and discovery the fabulousness!
Weight in ounces:
Fragrant Amber, patchouli, cedar and a complex floral will wisk you away to all the "Fancy" days. Picture ladies in elegant dresses, champangne glasses chiming, and beauty all around. That is the heart of this fragrance. Pure luxury. Enjoy all it's decadant layers.
Flower Child
patchouli, cabernet, strawberry
vanilla tobacco, teakwood
Stella and Buck
Rich Tobacco intertwined with deep, dark cherry sweetness. This fragrance is loved by both men and women, and is in its element with these winter months. For the masculine and feminine.
I'm Not Always a Lady
rosemary, spearmint
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